April 5, 2018

Universal Tied and Hinged Expansion Joints for Toyo Engineering

MACOGA has been awarded a contract to supply 4 units of Universal Tied Expansion Joints, MWL series DN2000 and 5 meters long as well as 4 Hinged MWP Series DN2000 to Gulf MP Company Limited, in Thailand.

MACOGA is present in East Asia for over 25 years. This Power Project is added to the extensive portfolio that MACOGA has conducted in East Asia, where MACOGA has delivered high-tech Expansion Joints to more than 20 power stations like:

Moka - Japan
Petron Corporation - Petron Bataan - Philippines
Island Power I & II - Indonesia
Chana I & II - Indonesia
CPC Talin - Taiwan
Tangguh LNG - Indonesia
Sun Ba Energy Power Corporation - Fong Der - Taiwan
Shell Global Solutions International B.V. - Bintulu - Malaysia
Star Energy Power Corporation Chang Bing - Taiwan
Kuo Kuang - Taiwan
Chinese Petroleum Corporation - Taoyuan Alkylation - China
Northern Utility Resources Sdn. Bhd - KHTP Power Utility - Malaysia
Kulim Power Station - Malaysia
Tuntex District Corporation Co-Generation Plant - Taiwan
Hanjung Power Station - Korea
Aspex Cogeneration Power Plant - Indonesia
NEI Parsons Ltd. - Connaught Bridge Power Station - Malaysia
Ligang Power Station - China