Quality Certificates

Member of EJMA

Management Statement

MACOGA is fully committed to a quality management process with quality as a foundational business principle. The core of the process is achieving customer satisfaction by meeting our internal and customer requirements on time. Employee participation in a continuous improvement effort develops reviews and implements the quality assurance system, procedures, and practices needed to meet the highest standards. The end goal is to continue meeting world-class standards for the mutual benefit of our customers and employees.

Quality is the engine for improvement in our Company. It is the combination of actions that increase efficiency and output in activities and processes to provide added advantages to both the company and customers.

Our vision is to create value through innovation and continual improvement. And we apply it to all areas in our company, from the purchasing of raw materials to the final tests and controls carried out on each Expansion Joint, from design control and verification to the perfect efficiency of all departments.

MACOGA management fully supports and provides the necessary resources for continual implementation of the quality assurance system. All management levels participate in quality assurance activities incorporated into daily functional requirements. No product is shipped to the customer until its quality and conformance to customer specifications is assured. Management assesses the effectiveness of the quality system on a regular basis and directs internal efforts towards continual improvement.