On-Site Services
Expert assistance when and where you need it

On-Site Services

MACOGA Site Staff of expert technicians provide needs-based and solution-oriented services for any specific need of each plant or customer. We have extensive training experience in a wide variety of industries including power generation, nuclear, pulp and paper, steel, water, wastewater, chemical/petrochemical and refineries.

Our service group consists of highly-qualified technicians and engineers specialized in Expansion Joints.

On-Site Services
On-Site Services
On-Site Services
On-Site Services

We offer our customer custom made and professional solutions to solve their site needs as follows:

Supervising & Inspection

Qualified and trained Engineers are available for guidance and instruction during assembly and/or installation process (by others) of our Expansion Joints and site inspections to evaluate the condition of the Expansion Joints.

We offer pre-instruction and guidance for starting assembly and periodical inspections that guarantee the correct procedures are being carried out and unquestionably a Final Inspection after completion the assembly and/or erection works.

The life of the expansion joints varies with the design, storage conditions, installation practices, application, and service. Appropriately timed inspections, repairs, and/or replacement of critical joints will ensure the reliable operation of the associated equipment and of the whole plant.

Premature or unexpected failure of the expansion joints and emergencies can be avoided carrying on-site scheduled inspections. On-site Inspections will provide valuable information about the conditions of the Expansion Joints and will allow the plant to take appropriate actions in due time.


For those Expansion Joints that due to its size are not transportable in one piece, we offer our customers the Assembly Package.

This package includes the Supervising Package (as above) plus a team of Qualified (ASME, EN) and trained welders and operators that carry out the works to weld and assemble all the individual parts and accessories of the Expansion Joints into one complete unit ready to be welded to the site ducts or equipment.


MACOGA site staff is always ready for installing the Expansion Joint into our customers' site ducts or equipment.

If required, a site-specific erection plan is developed during one or more pre-construction conferences and site inspections involving the customer, the contractor, and others such as the project engineer and the manufacturer.