18 de enero de 2018

FCCU Expansion Joints for European Refinery

FCCU Expansion Joints for European Refinery
Universal Untied and Single Untied FCCU Expansion Joints has been designed, manufactured, tested and delivered for a large refinery in Europe.

The Universal Untied Expansion Joint incorporates 2 ply testable & packed Bellows in Alloy 800H, Internal and external insulation and sealing anchors and sealing rope
Medium: Flue Gas at 760 °C
Design Pressure: 3,94 bar (g)
Test Pressure: 5,9 bar (g)

The Single untied units incorporate 2 ply testable Bellows in Inconel 625LCF and Internal and external insulation.
Medium: Flue Gas at 538 °C
Design Pressure: 0,28 bar (g)
Test Pressure: 0,5 bar (g)

These FCCU Expansion Joints undergo a comprehensive quality control and testing program including:

— Review Drawings
— Advanced Review of Calculations
— Check Material and welding consumables certificates
— PWHT diagram if applicable.
— Review and update WPS, PQR and WQR
— Review NDE Procedures & Operator Qualification
— 100% Visual inspection of welds.
— 100% RT- Radiographic Examination
— 100% PT - Liquid Penetrant Examination
— MT - Magnetic Particle Examination when applicable
— Hardness Testing of Welds
— Pressure & Leak Detection Test
— 100% PMI - Positive Material Identification 
— 100% Inspection of Refractory Lining by API Inspector
— Surface Preparation & Paint System