19 de octubre de 2020

Hypalon + Kevlar Rubber Expansion Joints for Phosphoric and Sulphuric Acid Plant in the Middle East

A large number of MAC-F Series Expansion Joints have been successfully designed, manufactured, tested and shipped for a Fertilizers plant in the Middle East.

Chlorosulphonated Polyethylene more commonly known as Hypalon has been selected for this application. General properties include moderate mechanical properties; excellent resistance to ozone, oxidation, weathering, and oxidizing chemicals. Its upper temperature limit is ca. + 150 °C. It is an elastomer and is a thermoset material. There are many grade variations of this specialty elastomer. The polymer has the following characteristics:


  •     Good low temperature flexibility
  •     Very good abrasion resistance
  •     Good chemical resistance
  •     Fair compression set resistance
  •     Fair flame resistance
  •     Very good heat resistance
  •     Excellent ozone resistance
  •     Fair petroleum oil resistance
  •     Excellent weather resistance
  •     Good low temperature properties
  •     Fair tear strength

Full face rubber flange are high quality custom-made expansion joints supplied with split or fixed steel backing flanges. The full-face flanges are integral with the body of the joint and drilled to conform the bolt pattern of the companion flanges of the pipe line. These expansion joints can be fabricated with single and multiple arches with flanged connections.

Regardless of accessories, such as liners and covers, this model absorbs all the movements in any one length of piping.

It does not restrain pressure thrust so adequate anchors and guides must be provided and they can be used only in piping systems that incorporate correctly designed anchors and pipe alignment guides.

Main mechanical design, parameters and features of the expansion joint supplied are:

Design Codes:

  •     FSA Technical Handbook
  •     CE Marking Module H - European Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU

The Expansion Joints have been designed for :

  •     Design Pressure: 8 barg / Full Vacuum
  •     Test Pressure: 12 barg
  •     Operating Temperature: +90/20 °C