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Expansion Joints for Tank Farms

A complete range of Expansion Joints for Oil Terminals and Tank Farms

The tank and the adjacent piping are considered to move and therefore Expansion Joints should be installed at storage tank to pipelines connections to absorb tank settlement, misalignments and movements due to thermal expansion and contraction.

In most cases universal expansion joints are used for these applications as they are the ideal solution to accommodate deviations in the piping system and possible movements or settlement of the tank.

MACOGA has extensive experience in the manufacture of high-tech Expansion for tanks farms and the relative pipework providing customer support which extends from the planning stage to the installation of the Expansion Joints.

MACOGA Expansion Joints are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with: E.J.M.A. (Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc.), ASME VIII, Div. I, App. 26 and EN 14917, European Standard for Metal Expansion Joints and conforms Annex III, module H, of the European Pressure Equipment Directive n° 2014/68/EU.

MACOGA Expansion Joints for Tank Farms undergo a comprehensive and rigorous quality control and testing programme including:

  • Advanced Review of Calculations
  • Check Material and welding consumables certificates
  • Review and update WPS, PQR and WQR
  • Review NDE Procedures & Operators Qualification
  • RT- Radiographic Examination
  • PT - Liquid Penetrant Examination
  • MT - Magnetic Particle Examination
  • Hardness Testing of Welds
  • Pressure & Leak Detection Test
  • PMI - Positive Material Identification
  • Surface Preparation & Paint System
  • Check Packing & Marking

All of the quality controls and tests we carry out are based on our Quality Control Manual, approved under ISO 9001.

Certifications & Type Approvals

MACOGA Expansion Joints are certified by the world’s leading classification authorities.

From design to final tests and shipping, all production phases are regulated in accordance with the requirements of the MACOGA’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system.
MACOGA has type approved Expansion Joints available certified with:

We provide our customers safety and reliability through a certified quality management system.
Additionally, MACOGA holds numerous industry approvals, including:

Quality Certificates

Member of EJMA

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During an emergency (parts failure, etc.) you can’t afford to wait in line for a standard delivery to get your Expansion Joints.

This Premium tool is the most reliable and efficient solution for those customers who require Expansion Joints in a record time.

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MACOGA Site Staff of expert technicians provide needs-based and solution-oriented services for any specific need of each customer.

Our service group consists of highly qualified technicians and engineers specialized in Expansion Joints.

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