On-Site Services

MACOGA Site Staff of expert technicians provide needs-based and solution-oriented services for any specific need of each plant or customer. We have extensive training experience in a wide variety of industries including power generation, nuclear, pulp and paper, steel, water, wastewater, chemical/petrochemical and refineries.

With over 40 years of experience, our team of highly skilled technicians deliver and execute an unrivalled range of services to the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability.

Anytime 24 x 7

When critical equipment fails, no matter whether it’s day or night, on a weekend or during the week, it must be fixed.

From the simplest inspection to the most complex assembly or repair in operation we understand the importance of being there when our customer needs us.

We operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year in order to provide our customers with a level of service that is unrivalled.


Our technicians will go anywhere. We operate globally providing a range of engineering solutions and on-site services to meet customers' expectations. We have carried out countless successful interventions in more than 50 countries around the world.

On Site Services
On Site Services
On Site Services
On Site Services

Field Engineers and Technicians

We have the best onsite Field Engineers and Technicians with an excellent combination of experience and technical skills.

We provide one or more of our qualified Field Engineers with a team of Highly-qualified Technicians to perform any work onsite, whether is simple inspection or the most complex repair or installation.

Our Field Engineers are trained and experienced to install any type of Expansion Joint according to specifications and have leadership skills to manage a highly specialized team of technicians, welders, etc.

On Site Services
On Site Services
On Site Services

Custom made professional solutions to solve site needs

Emergency repairs

An emergency repair is something that needs to be fixed quickly because it is a danger to health, safety or plant operation.

Minimizing downtime is the number one priority. We have the capacity to design and manufacture any Expansion Joint in a record time and we have always the best team of professionals to travel anywhere in the world to replace or repair a damaged unit.

No matter your industry or application, our on-site team is highly specialized in repairing damaged Expansion Joints and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Clamshell fabrication and installation

If a bellows is leaking or damaged, or if a bellows must be changed with a target to having the minimum downtime, this is where a clamshell should be considered.

MACOGA Clamshell bellows is the best solution when a quick and unexpected replacement of the bellow is necessary. Clamshell bellows is a two-piece bellow which is welded around the existing unit.

The bellows is split in half longitudinally in our works. The halves are match-marked to ensure the bellows halves are aligned correctly. The clamshell is fitted accurately in position. A purge gas is set up to minimize oxidizing of the weld to ensure a good quality weld. The clamshell halves are then welded back together.

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On Site Services
On Site Services
On Site Services
On Site Services

Supervising & Inspection

Qualified and trained Engineers are available for guidance and instruction during assembly and/or installation process (by others) of our Expansion Joints and site inspections to evaluate the condition of the Expansion Joints.

We offer pre-instruction and guidance for starting assembly and periodical inspections that guarantee the correct procedures are being carried out and unquestionably a Final Inspection after completion the assembly and/or erection works.

The life of the expansion joints varies with the design, storage conditions, installation practices, application, and service. Appropriately timed inspections, repairs, and/or replacement of critical joints will ensure the reliable operation of the associated equipment and of the whole plant.

Premature or unexpected failure of the expansion joints and emergencies can be avoided carrying on-site scheduled inspections. On-site Inspections will provide valuable information about the conditions of the Expansion Joints and will allow the plant to take appropriate actions in due time.

On Site Services
On Site Services


For those Expansion Joints that due to its size are not transportable in one piece, we offer our customers the on-site assembly.

We move to site a specialised engineer and a team of qualified (ASME, EN) and trained welders and technicians to the plant to carry out the welding and assembly of all the individual parts and accessories of the expansion joints into a complete unit ready to be welded to the ducts or equipment on site.

On Site Services
On Site Services On Site Services
On Site Services


MACOGA site staff is always ready for installing the Expansion Joint into our customers' site ducts or equipment.

Once the Expansion Joints arrive to your site, our On-Site specialists be there to install the parts in situ.

If required, a site-specific erection plan is developed during one or more pre-construction conferences and site inspections involving the customer, the contractor, and others such as the project engineer.

On Site Services
On Site Services
On Site Services
On Site Services

Certifications & Type Approvals

MACOGA Expansion Joints are certified by the world’s leading classification authorities.

From design to final tests and shipping, all production phases are regulated in accordance with the requirements of the MACOGA’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system certified as per ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 series.

MACOGA has type approved Expansion Joints available certified with:

We provide our customers safety and reliability through a certified quality management system.
Additionally, MACOGA holds numerous industry approvals, including:

Quality Certificates

Member of EJMA

Premium Emergency Service

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