Design & calculation

At MACOGA we use the most advanced calculation and design tools that guarantee a successful performance of our Expansion Joints from the very beginning.

Our engineers are equipped with the necessary tools to gain insight into the key factors for quality and performance at an early stage of product development. Digital prototyping coupled with digital analysis and simulation allows our engineers to virtually create and analyze an Expansion Joint and all its components in their operating environment.

Expansion Joints and Bellows design calculations:
EJMA (The Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association, Inc.), ASME and EN

We develop and apply calculation programs in accordance with international norms and standards for the design of expansion joints: EJMA, ASME and EN, and being an active member of EJMA and its technical committee, we work to establish and maintain applicable design and manufacturing quality standards.

Our calculation software combines knowledge and experience and ensure that all our expansion joints are correctly designed and according to the latest recognized standards.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) 3D modelling

A 3D CAD allows us to build 3D models of parts and assemblies. Our CAD tools also have direct integration into an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) package so we can combine seamlessly design and analysis.

Finite Element Analysis

Structural analysis is done with Finite Element Analysis (FEA). The Finite Element Analysis software allows us to analyze stresses and deflections in complex structures.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Using engineering simulation software, we access sophisticated fluid dynamics capabilities to analyze and solve problems that involve fluid flows.

Thermal Analysis

We perform thermomechanical and heat transfer analyses, so we can predict the behavior of our Expansion Joints under the influence of temperature.

Analysis of vibrations and frequency

We carry out vibrations and frequency analysis based on computerized simulations that allow us to evaluate and validate a design.

Pipe Stress Analysis

Pipe stress analysis is an analytical method to determine the behavior of a piping system depending on its material, pressure, temperature, etc. When necessary, we assist our clients by performing a detailed analysis of their piping, recommending which Expansion Joints to use in the most optimal way, where to install them, etc.