Premium Service

Premium Service

During an emergency situation (plant shut-down, parts failure, etc.) you can’t afford to wait in line for a standard delivery to get your Expansion Joints.

This Premium tool is the most reliable and efficient solution for those customers who require Expansion Joints in a record time.

Request Premium Service

If you are in an emergency situation you may request a
(+34) 981 680 000

You will get an immediate response.

Features & Benefits

Immediate reply to your inquiry

Our Sales Department will provide you a detailed quotation in a record time, including price, standard delivery time and the optional cost for the Premium Service.

Guaranteed Delivery

Delivery is 100% guaranteed anywhere in the world in a record time.


After placing the order you will receive a detailed drawing for your review and approval within a few hours.

Express Delivery

Our Logistic Department will assist you to find the most suitable transport for your Expansion Joints considering the shortest transit time, competitive costs, etc.

High Priority Production

Once the drawing is approved and released for manufacturing, your order will receive a “high priority level” at our factory. This implies it will go directly to every production step avoiding any queuing.

Tracking of your shipment

If we organize your Premium order shipment we will track and give you updated information on your shipment and you will receive a delivery confirmation once the Expansion Joint arrived to your shop or to the site.