October 25, 2023

Alloy 825 Expansion Joints for European Steel Plant

Alloy 825 Expansion Joints for European Steel Plant
Alloy 825 Expansion Joints for European Steel Plant

We have successfully designed, manufactured, and shipped of a substantial quantity of cutting-edge expansion joints to one of Europe's premier steel plants. These expansion joints are tailor-made to withstand the extreme conditions of blast furnace operations.


  • Nominal Diameter: 600 mm (24 inches) 
  • Design Pressure: 4.3 barg 
  • Medium: Hot Air 1250 °C
  • Bellows Material: Alloy 825
  • Internals: Stainless Steel 1.4762

Internals of Stainless Steel 1.4762: The internal components of these expansion joints are constructed from Stainless Steel 1.4762, renowned for its exceptional resistance to scaling up to approximately 1150°C and its robust defense against the effects of sulphurous gases. The inclination to carbonisation in reduced gases is very low.

Unparalleled Durability: Our expansion joints set a new benchmark for durability and performance in the steel industry, ensuring the longevity of your critical equipment.

Designed for Extreme Conditions: Meticulously engineered to withstand the harsh and demanding environment of blast furnaces, these expansion joints guarantee optimal performance.

MACOGA's Expertise: As a global leader in the field, MACOGA brings years of experience and unmatched expertise to every project, ensuring the highest standards of quality and reliability.

More information https://www.macoga.com/en/expansion-joints-for-specific-applications/steel-plants