February 25, 2019

Double Arch large size MAC-FT2 Rubber Expansion Joints for Power Plant in Europe

We have successfully completed the design, manufacturing and testing of 13 units MAC-FT2 Series Rubber Expansion Joints in diameters from DN1800 mm (70”) up to DN2800 (110”) for a new power plant in Europe.

MACOGA manufactures high quality custom-made rubber expansion joints. The full face flanges are integral with the body of the joint and drilled to conform the bolt pattern of the companion flanges of the pipe line.

Rubber bellows: Reinforced EPDM.

Flanges: shot-blasted and painted carbon steel.

MAC-F and MAC-FT expansion joints can be supplied with one or more arches. Dimensions from DN15 (1/2”)  to DN 6000 (240”)