November 11, 2018

FCC Expansion Joints On-Site Service for Petroperu Refinery

Our specialists have given the customer and the refinery owner a technical support service to adapt the presetting of an Untied Universal FCC Expansion Joint at Petroperu’s Talara Refinery.

MACOGA has successfully supplied to the EPC company and to this client with all the FCC expansion joints for Talara Refinery Modernization Project.

Talara, Peru’s second biggest oil refinery base on production, is located 1.185km away from Lima, the capital of Peru. The refinery is spread across 128.9ha and has a crude oil processing capacity of more than 65,000 barrels per day (bpd or BBL/D). It produces domestic LPG, motor gasoline, solvents, A-1 turbo, diesel, kerosene, industrial oils and asphalt for national and international markets. Peruvian state-owned oil company Petroperu operates the refinery.

The modernisation and upgrade project is aimed at increasing the refinery’s crude oil processing capacity from the existing 65,000bpd to 95,000bpd.