November 12, 2020

MACOGA has been awarded a contract the supply of a great number of high-tech Expansion Joints for one of the largest Propane Dehydrogenation Plant (PDH) in the world.

We have been awarded a contract for the design, manufacturing, testing and shipping a large number of high-tech expansion joints for a new world-scale Propane Dehydrogenation Plant in Europe.

The client, a world leader manufacturer of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers, has selected MACOGA as the most experienced and qualified manufacturer.

Propane dehydrogenation (PDH) is used to produce polymer-grade propylene from propane independent of a steam cracker or fluid catalytic cracking unit. The propylene-rich reactor effluent is compressed, dried and sent to a cryogenic separator where hydrogen is recovered.

PDH is an essential process phase in the production of propylene from propane. Propylene is the raw material used to produce polypropylene (PP), which in turn is one of the most widely used plastics. Polypropylene plastic is one of the most desired products in many industrial applications and is used in such everyday products as packaging materials and outdoor clothing.